Pray Elk River Business Roundtable

Many people around Elk River aware of spiritual presence and activities in the city.  For business people looking to touch peoples lives through their business/career here is your invite to meet with other like professionals one time a month.  The PRAY ELK RIVER BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE will have its next meeting Wednesday, April 2nd from 11:30-1:15 at La Roses.  (A lunch Buffet is available for $7.50)…La Roses is located at 508 Freeport Ave. in Elk River near the Movie Theatre.

David Monroy, the Vice President/General Counsel with Rivers International and Ripka Enterprises leads the meeting.  Monroy stated in an email to the group today, “Please feel free to bring a friend and be ready to encounter God!”

Perhaps someone reading this blog is looking to connect with other business people of faith in the community.  You’re welcomed to attend.


Chuck Carstensen is a Realtor with The Discovery Team at RE/MAX; helping buyers, sellers, and investors of residential real estate.  He is a speaker and co-author in the best selling book series Wake Up…Live the Life You Love: Your Wake Up Moments (available soon). Carstensen is also a personal development mentor with Success University…where he helps people discover how to be more successful in business, life and health.


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